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Fuji East Yabukita PACK

Fuji East Yabukita PACK

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Rich taste, Yabukita sencha tea bags from Fuji East

Fuji East's Yabukita Sencha tea bags are recommended for those who are looking for a comfortable cup of tea.

Product Summary

  • Product: Fuji East Yabukita
  • Product form: Sencha tea bag
  • Contents: 28g (4g x 7)

characteristics and taste

Yabukita tea is a sencha that has been carefully finished using the traditional deep steaming method. The tea leaves are bright green and have a light and refreshing taste.

Recommended point

Fuji Higashi Yabukita Sencha tea bags allow you to easily enjoy the aroma and taste of sencha. It's perfect for when you want to take a break or relax in your busy life.

Tea bags make it easy to brew a delicious cup. You can drink it with the tea bag in it.

By all means, please try the Yabukita Sencha tea bags from Fujihigashi. A cup of tea rich in flavor will add color to your daily life.

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