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Shoshitaen Organic Aged Bancha PACK

Shoshitaen Organic Aged Bancha PACK

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Matsushitaen's organic matured bancha is made by aging organic JAS-certified tea leaves for 3 years and roasting them at a high temperature. It has a rich flavor and aroma and is low in caffeine, so it is recommended for those who care about their health and beauty.

We use organically grown tea leaves from Shizuoka prefecture. Therefore, it is a safe and secure tea that does not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In addition, it is produced using the Chagusaba farming method, which is certified as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System. In the Chagusaba farming method, pampas grass and sasa are mainly planted in the furrows of the tea garden, and it is said that this chagusa improves the taste and aroma of tea.

The tea leaves are dried immediately after being picked and aged for three years. This aging period deepens the flavor and aroma of the tea leaves. Roasting at a high temperature also reduces caffeine. Therefore, it is safe to drink even if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Matsushitaen's organic matured bancha can be enjoyed even with cold brew. For cold brew, put the tea leaves in a tea bag and soak in cold water for 24 hours. You can enjoy a refreshing aroma and a deep taste of umami.

Matsushitaen's organic aged bancha tea is recommended for those who care about their health and beauty. It has a rich flavor and aroma and is low in caffeine, so anyone can enjoy it.

*You can drink it with the tea bag in it.

*The tea bag uses the biomass material "Soilon" which is made from plant starch. Unlike general tea bags, it is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain microplastics.

*A portion of the purchase price will be returned to the practitioner for products with the “Biodiversity Conservation Contribution Seal” certified by the practitioner of Chagusaba farming.

Sencha Tea Bag / Ingredients: Green Tea / Country of Origin: Made in Japan / Contents: 25g (5g x 5)

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