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Deep-steamed sencha “Dark Midori”

Deep-steamed sencha “Dark Midori”

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Deep-steamed sencha ``Nomidori'' with soft depth

Introducing our No. 1 popular deep-steamed tea, deep-steamed sencha "Dark Midori".

Product Summary:

  • Product: Fukamushi Sencha “Dark Midori”
  • Product form: Tea leaves
  • Contents: 100g

Kakegawa City's Higashiyama area boasts specialties:

Deep-steamed sencha "Dark Midori" is a gem that uses plenty of tea grown in the Higashiyama area of ​​Kakegawa City. You can enjoy the soft and deep taste of the tea leaves produced by the unique climate and careful cultivation of this region.

Recommended points:

Deep-steamed sencha "Dark Midori" is characterized by its rich flavor and deep taste. The soft aroma and dark green color of the tea leaves will make you feel luxurious every time you drink a cup of tea.

For tea lovers, deep-steamed sencha “Nomidori” is truly the best. Recommended for those who are looking for a cup that heals the mind and body.

By all means, please try the deep steamed sencha "Dark Midori". Its deep flavor will make your tea time even more special.

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