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roasted green tea

roasted green tea

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Our proud hojicha is delivered with carefully selected tea leaves from Shizuoka Prefecture. In particular, we use tea leaves from Kakegawa and other production areas, and are particular about quality. You can enjoy a luxurious moment with a cup of hojicha, characterized by its refreshing taste and aroma. The tea leaves are carefully harvested and hand-roasted by skilled artisans.

Hojicha can be enjoyed chilled as well. You can enjoy its refreshing taste even when it is cold.

Hojicha has less caffeine than regular black tea or coffee, so you can drink it casually. Hojicha is also rich in catechins, which is said to be good for your health. In addition, it is ideal as a meal companion, and you can expect the effect of helping digestion after meals.

Recommended as a gift for someone special or when you want to take a break. Please enjoy the special roasted tea from Shizuoka prefecture. The pleasant aroma and taste create a special moment.

Internal capacity 100g bag

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Shizuoka tea

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